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How to Grow Carrots

Carrots harvested straight from the ground taste so much better than shop-bought ones.

They are easy to grow and produce high yields.

Carrots require deep, well-drained and fertile soil to grow long tap roots. It is possible to grow them in deep pots which may be easier if preparation time is short.

Step 1

Most varieties can be sown from March, although early varieties such as Early Scarlet Horn can be sown in February.

Sow seeds directly into drills in the ground just over a centimetre (half an inch) deep and thinly.

Step 2

Once germinated, it is important to thin seedlings, but do this carefully as the smell of damaged foliage can attract carrot fly.

Treat for carrot fly using Resolva Bug Killer, or alternatively try using carrot fly resistant varieties, such as Gro-Sure Resistafly.

Weed and water regularly.

Step 3

Crops are generally ready for harvesting from June onwards, about 7 weeks after sowing.

Main crop carrots take a bit longer and are ready from 10 weeks onwards.

Store carrots in the ground until they are required. They may even be left in the ground over winter, but not if there are lots of slugs or the winter is harsh.

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