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unwins carrots short n sweet
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Unwins Carrot Short N Sweet have a delicious rich, sweet flavour and are full of vitamins. These carrot seeds are great for planting in containers, therefore perfect for those with limited space. Additionally, these carrots are best cooked whole. Simply add these to a yummy roast or fresh salads for intense flavour.

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Sowing Time

carrot short and sweet

Plant Spacing

carrot short and sweet

Sowing Outdoors

Sow seed thinly in pre-watered shallow rows, and cover with a little soil. Allow about 30cm (12in) between rows.


As seedlings develop, thin them initially to about 2cm (1in) apart. Later thin again to about 10cm (4in) apart. Thinnings are delicious cooked as ‘finger’ carrots or raw in salads. Keep soil moist until seedlings are established.


Carrots do best in light, well dug, stone free soils which have been recently manured. Harvest with a small border fork to avoid damage to the crop.

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