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Peas: How to Grow

Peas are one of the best vegetables to grow in the garden.

It is virtually impossible to buy peas that taste as good as those that are picked straight from the pod.

A good variety to try is Pea Ruthless from the Unwins Gro-Sure seed range as it combines high yields with great disease resistance.

Step 1

Peas like an open sunny site and can be sown straight into the soil from March, although there are a few early varieties which can be grown from February or sown in October/November of the previous year.

Prepare the soil by digging in Gro-Sure Farmyard Manure during the autumn and add a little Growmore Fertiliser to the area a week or two before sowing the seeds.

Step 2

Seeds should be sown in rows about 8cm (3 inches) apart and 5cm (2 inches) deep. Leave space between drills for supports to be put in place.

Mice and birds can eat the seed, so protect by covering with netting.

Remember to water peas well during dry spells and feed with Westland Potato and Vegetable Feed.

Step 3

Watch out for aphids and if they cause a problem, use Resolva Bug Killer.

Pods are ready when they are well filled. Press gently on the pod to feel the peas inside.

Harvest regularly to keep the plants producing more peas.

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