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Top 10 tomato seeds to grow

Take a look at our list of top 10 tomato seeds to grow. It’s no real surprise that people love growing tomatoes. They’re easy to care for with a great yield, making them a great option for beginners, plus they can be grown in any size garden providing they have a warm, sheltered spot.

Also, tomatoes are one of the most versatile veggies! Whether it’s a warming soup, summer salad or hearty curry, tomatoes make a great addition depending on their type.


Tomato & Calendula

Let’s start with a bit of a wild card! If you opt for our Unwins Tomato Plants Tomato & Calendula tomato seeds, you’ll receive natural pest protection from the Calendulas for your ‘Gardeners Delight’ tomato variety if they’re sown together. This Cherry variety is popular for salads and lunchboxes and loved by bees.


Tiger Stripe Mix

This unique Cherry variety is sure to add a bit of style to any salad! With its marbled skin and tangy flavour, it’s anything but average. Plus, it’s disease resistant and prefers a partially shady spot, meaning it’s as low maintenance as they come.


Sweet Million

Part of the Little Growers collection, Sweet Million is perfect for kids or grandkids taking their first step into growing their own. Sweet Million produces a huge crop of bite-sized, extra sweet fruits. We’re sure there’ll be no problem with the children eating their greens on this occasion!


Black Russian

This delicious variety is quick to ripen and bears fruit from July to September. A striking Heritage tomato, you’ll find dark mahogany skin and a rich smokiness. Its delicious balance of sugar and acidity makes it perfect for a spicy Mexican salsa or zingy salad.


Golden Pearl

A gorgeous yellow variety, Golden Pearl can be harvested well into October. As well as being disease resistant, they’re delicious straight from the truss and add a welcome splash of colour to salads.


Ruby Falls

Ruby Falls is bred with the gardener in mind. This deep red Cocktail sized tomato (large Cherry) can yield up to 50 delicious tomato per truss! Its’s perfect for small gardens and balconies thanks to its compact nature and preference for partial shade.


Chocolate Cherry

Deep chocolate-purple in colour, this Cherry tomato performs well both outside and in greenhouses. It’s happiest in full sun and will reward you with delicious fruits between July and September.


Sweet Sturdy Jo

This compact variety is happiest in pots and container and is loved by pollinators. The extra soft skin and high brix content gives a sweet and juicy flavour, bearing fruits into early autumn.


San Marzano

A classic Italian plum tomato, San Marzano plants are happy both outdoors and in a greenhouse. These tomatoes are dry and meaty in texture, making them perfect for creating those rich, robust sauce bases, such as a Bolognese or Indian curry.



It’s no wonder the beautiful Beefsteak is a favourite across the Med and within the UK! It’s great sliced up within a sandwich but performs just as well when cooked. Plus, it’s happy in pots and containers, so although the fruits are large, the plants needn’t take up much room.

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