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How to get a thicker lawn with Lawn Revive

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Westland’s Lawn Revive is a natural, child and pet friendly lawn thickener that will give you a thicker as well as greener lawn in just three days. So, if your lawn is looking tired and sparse, Lawn Revive is your solution. Lawn Revive is a natural granular lawn fertiliser, soil improver and contains 50% more grass seed* vs. our Aftercut Lawn Thickener.






Benefits of Lawn Revive

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Lawn Revive will not only improve your grass but the soil too. This will therefore help to boost seed germination as well as seed establishment. The seaweed additives provide a biostimulant action and also boost root development. Water management technology ensures that water will be taken to where it is needed in the soil. Long term use of Lawn Revive will have an accumulative soil improvement benefit for long term lawn health.


Lawn Revive contains 50% more grass seed to fill sparse areas and patches with new grass. Specific turf grasses are selected for use in the blend to ensure compatibility with most lawns. A blend of grass species and varieties allows for maximum success in all conditions. Bio stimulants and a seed safe nutrient package all help to get the new seed established quickly and successfully. The level of grass seed has been increased by 50% compared to Aftercut Lawn Thickener to add even more new grass to your lawn with each application. Regular application will ensure that there is a constant supply of new grass plants growing in the lawn to replace any that die.


Lawn Revive feeds every blade for a thicker, greener lawn in just three days. Natural nutrients contained in the formulation allow for quick results, which for nutrients such as iron and magnesium result in deep greening. Added soil microbes will break down any dead moss and thatch into nutrients which can also be utilised by the grass. Some elements require breakdown by bacteria for the grass to be able to use them. This means that they will give longer lasting results.

How Lawn Revive Works

Micronized granules – Contain a blend of every nutrient which break down on the soil surface when exposed to moisture

Nutrient content – Encourages green growth of the plant, also strengthening and toughening new growth. Contains every essential nutrient for healthy lawns

Beneficial Microbes – Help break down dead organic matter, like thatch and dead moss, making further nutrients available to the grass.

Wetting Agent – The added wetting agent allows water to penetrate even hydrophobic soils, this will encourage the dissolved nutrients to move to the grasses root zone for absorption

Soil improver – Long lasting based soil improvers will be added each time the product is applied, over time they will build up and help to enhance the soil’s ability to retain nutrient and promote healthy grass growth.

How to use

lawn revive

APPLICATION: Apply the granules evenly to ensure the same result across the whole lawn.
For lawn maintenance —apply evenly at 35g/m2 every 3-4 weeks
For tired or sparse lawns—apply at 50g/m2 to increase the amount of seed and feed applied.

BY HAND: Sprinkle 35 grams per square metre over the marked area.

BY WHEELED SPREADER: Apply at a rate of 35 grams per square metre with a suitable spreader.

TOP TIP: For outstanding results you can safely double the application rate. Water thoroughly after application.

Apply every 3-4 weeks when grass is actively growing.

For the best results: Scarify and aerate the lawn early and late season. Apply after mowing and remove the clippings for soil contact.


  • The lawn will green up in 3 days, when applied at 50g/m2
  • Stronger, healthier grass will start to outcompete weeds & moss.
  • Friendly bacteria breakdown dead organic matter.
  • Wetting agent granules allow for better water penetration and improved nutrient uptake.
  • Multiple applications will improve and amend the soil over time.
This product is safe for children and pets, however, it’s good practice to wash hands and skin after use and store all garden products out of reach in a dry, frost-free place.

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