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Make the most of your watering

Why save water?

The UK has a reduced amount of water available in comparison to other European countries. Climate change plays a big factor, as well as population changes and lifestyle choices people make causing pressure to our water supplies. Therefore it is very important to consider how we use water to ensure enough is available to us at home as well as businesses and the environment.

Watering Plants

someone watering plants with watering canThe best time to water your plants is in the morning. When the sun comes up plants will begin to absorb the water. To ensure your plants have enough water or whether they require watering there are simple ways to check. Push your finger into the soil around 2.5cm to see if the soil is moist before watering. Plants in containers and baskets need watering more frequently than plants in borders as there roots can not grow as freely to find water in the soil to absorb.

Look out for poor production of flowering and foliage, dull leaves and stems, symptoms of powdery mildew.  These are all signs that your plants may need watering. To help the environment you can source rainwater by installing a water butt in your garden. Alternatively you can use tap water however this requires the use of energy to provide the water to your homes.

How does Boost help?

Someone holding boost bottle

Boost has its many great features and benefits, one being PlantSense technology. This water management technology ensures water remains available to maintain healthy plants and growth. Its superior application ensures minimal surface run off. As well as its efficient application with 67% faster watering with maximised water absorption allowing all water to become available to the plant thus no water is being wasted.

Although, effectively you are not using less water you are benefiting more from the water you provide to your plants, no water is going to waste which is important to consider with the demand of water supply. Find out more about Boost here.

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