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Why use Garotta Compost Maker?

Home composting is a great and sustainable way to create a natural supply of nutrient rich food for your garden. By using a mixture of garden waste as well as food waste, you are recycling large amounts of waste that would end up in landfill. You are also providing your garden with organic matter to enrich your soil in beds, borders or veggie patches. You can make quick work of it using our Garotta Compost Maker.

Why use our Garotta Compost Maker

Composting is now even quicker and easier with Garotta Compost Maker. It will speed up the natural process of composting, whilst also creating a better quality compost.

garotta usps


Here’s what makes Garotta so special….

garotta biological accelerator


Garotta has a combination of microbes (both bacteria and fungi) that quickly breaks down your garden and vegetable waste.




garotta home composting


It contains microbial feed which gives microbes a boost of immediately available nutrients. This microbe food speeds up the process of decomposition.



garotta home composting


Lime is added to maintain the right pH to keep the microbes happy.




garotta home composting


These help drainage, prevents waterlogging and along with turning the heap, it also allows more oxygen in the pile for quicker decomposition.




garotta plant immunity


It also contains a source of Chitin which provides plant health benefits when using your new compost.




Garotta is a quick and easy way to start composting at home and you can feel good knowing you’re doing your bit for the environment too!

Find out more about why home composting is so important.

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