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Different Types of Weed

There are three main types of weed, annual, perennial and tough weeds.

Below is a definition of each type, together with the best way of how to get rid of them:


What are Annual Weeds?

Examples: Annual Meadow Grass, Fat Hen, Chickweed, Groundsel and Bittercress

Annual weeds are spread throughout your garden by seed and are the easiest to eradicate from your garden, as they don’t have strong root structures.

They are generally shallow rooting plants that can be dealt with by regular hoeing or mulching of borders with Westland Bed and Border Chipped Bark to suppress weed germination.

After being ripped out of the ground, they will soon wither and die if left on the soil surface.

If left to develop, annual weeds quickly flower and scatter their seed over a wide areas and the resulting seedlings can soon swamp an area of unattended soil. Where this has happened and hand weeding is no longer a viable option, your garden can be quickly brought back up to scratch with Resolva 24H weedkiller.


What are Perennial Weeds?

Examples: Nettles, Bindweed, Couch Grass, Dandelion, Dock, Ground Elder

Perennial weeds are tough to get rid of because they spread through their roots as well as by seed. They can reproduce from just a tiny piece of root left in the ground.

This means that hoeing and lifting are not good ways to get rid of them, unless you are very thorough that you remove the entire root.

The best way to tackle perennial weeds is by using a systemic weedkiller, the whole Resolva range including Resolva 24H, Resolva Path & Patio, Resolva Xtra Tough and Resolva Lawn weedkiller offer effective control of deep rooted perennials when applied on a dry day through spring and summer when weeds are in active growth.


What are Tough Weeds?

Examples: Brambles, Japanese Knotweed, Horsetail, Ivy Bindweed

Tough weeds are very aggressive versions of perennial weeds. They will re-grow from tiny pieces of root left in the ground despite the hardest efforts to dig them out of kill them off with a normal weedkiller.

For effective chemical control, a super strength weedkiller, such as Resolva Xtra Tough Concentrate is called for, but if well established, many of these thuggish weeds may still need a second application for total control.



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