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How to get rid of lawn weeds

Lawn weeds can be a major problem, taking over areas of bare soil. Nobody wants their lawn to be overrun with weeds so it is important to keep control of them.

There are a variety of ways to help remove the weeds and we have put together our top products to use, whether it be using a weed killer or simply using a garden tool.


Use a lawn feed, weed and moss killer


aftercut all in one 80sqm

Aftercut All In One

Large areas of weedy lawns are best treated with a lawn feed, weed and moss killer, such as Aftercut All in One.  This will boost the lawn while tackling weeds and moss.

Apply the granules, using a spreader and leave for the product to get to work. The weeds will firstly grow vigorously and then die.  Once dead they can be removed and disposed of as per label instructions. 6 weeks after application you can apply grass seed to fill in any patches and thicken up your lawn.

Watch our video to find out more and how you can get the lawn you want with Aftercut All In One.



safelawn lawn weeds

SafeLawn Natural Lawn Feed

If you are wanting a child and pet friendly option then we recommend using our SafeLawn Natural Lawn Feed  Not only will SafeLawn help grass to outcompete weeds and prevent them from establishing again, but it will also feed your lawn all year round, as well as creating a thicker, stronger lawn. All you need to do is apply every 3-4 Weeks from February to September when the grass is actively growing. Furthermore, you can be rest assured that using this product is natural so is safe to use around children and pets.




Aftercut Triple Care with spreader lawn weeds

Aftercut Triple Care

Another way of helping to help prevent weeds from overtaking your lawn is to use our herbicide free lawn treatment Aftercut Triple Care.  The targeted grass nutrition will accelerate growth to leave weeds behind. Not only does it impact weeds but it also greens your lawn in just 3 days and leaves a stronger, healthier looking lawn to enjoy.





Resolva Lawn WeedKiller Extra Ready To Use in use

Use a lawn weedkiller

To tackle occasional lawn weeds, use a weedkiller designed for use on grass such as Resolva Lawn Weedkiller. This is really important as if you use a general purpose weedkiller, it will kill your grass as well. This ready to use spray can be directed straight onto common weeds such as buttercup, daisy, dandelion and clover.





kent & stowe stainless steel long handled corkscrew weeder in use

Use a weeding tool

Remove weeds by using a corkscrew weeder, specially designed to remove weeds from lawns. Kent & Stowe have either a hand version or a long handled version which eliminates the need for bending.

The corkscrew weeder has a corkscrew design which easily enters the ground and pulls out the entire root. You simply twist in a clockwise motion and lift to pull out the root. It is very important to remove all the root system of each weed otherwise new plants will simply grow back from each of the pieces left behind.





Tackling lawn weeds by season



Weed growth starts to increase in spring so this makes it the ideal time to apply a granular treatment to get the problem under control, as they compete for the same space as your lawn.


Weeds grow rapidly in hot weather and is best to treat in the morning or evenings when it is cooler to avoid scorching the surrounding lawn. If your lawn is under stress from drought it is best to leave weedkiller applications until it has passed.


In early autumn weeds are diverting their energy and expanding their root system underground, controlling weeds now will reduce competition for the lawn in spring.



Compare Products

safelawn 80sqm product visual
Westland SafeLawn
westland triple care herbicide free 80m
Westland Triple Care
Resolva Lawn WeedKiller
Resolva Lawn WeedKiller Extra Ready To Use
kent & stowe stainless steel long handled corkscrew weeder
Stainless Steel Long Corkscrew Weeder
aftercut all in one 80m2
Aftercut All In One Lawn Feed, Weed & Moss Killer
Child and Pet Friendly8D2B7347-8BAB-4523-907D-09F295BA4E2C 8E89A46D-ADB2-426E-A77A-53F6E62FC96D 8E89A46D-ADB2-426E-A77A-53F6E62FC96D 8D2B7347-8BAB-4523-907D-09F295BA4E2C 8E89A46D-ADB2-426E-A77A-53F6E62FC96D
Feeds Lawns8D2B7347-8BAB-4523-907D-09F295BA4E2C 8D2B7347-8BAB-4523-907D-09F295BA4E2C 8E89A46D-ADB2-426E-A77A-53F6E62FC96D 8E89A46D-ADB2-426E-A77A-53F6E62FC96D 8D2B7347-8BAB-4523-907D-09F295BA4E2C
Natural8D2B7347-8BAB-4523-907D-09F295BA4E2C 8E89A46D-ADB2-426E-A77A-53F6E62FC96D 8E89A46D-ADB2-426E-A77A-53F6E62FC96D 8D2B7347-8BAB-4523-907D-09F295BA4E2C 8E89A46D-ADB2-426E-A77A-53F6E62FC96D
Prevents Weeds8D2B7347-8BAB-4523-907D-09F295BA4E2C 8E89A46D-ADB2-426E-A77A-53F6E62FC96D 8E89A46D-ADB2-426E-A77A-53F6E62FC96D 8E89A46D-ADB2-426E-A77A-53F6E62FC96D 8E89A46D-ADB2-426E-A77A-53F6E62FC96D
Kills Moss8E89A46D-ADB2-426E-A77A-53F6E62FC96D 8D2B7347-8BAB-4523-907D-09F295BA4E2C 8E89A46D-ADB2-426E-A77A-53F6E62FC96D 8E89A46D-ADB2-426E-A77A-53F6E62FC96D 8D2B7347-8BAB-4523-907D-09F295BA4E2C
Kills Weeds8E89A46D-ADB2-426E-A77A-53F6E62FC96D 8D2B7347-8BAB-4523-907D-09F295BA4E2C 8D2B7347-8BAB-4523-907D-09F295BA4E2C 8E89A46D-ADB2-426E-A77A-53F6E62FC96D 8D2B7347-8BAB-4523-907D-09F295BA4E2C
Removes Weeds8E89A46D-ADB2-426E-A77A-53F6E62FC96D 8E89A46D-ADB2-426E-A77A-53F6E62FC96D 8E89A46D-ADB2-426E-A77A-53F6E62FC96D 8D2B7347-8BAB-4523-907D-09F295BA4E2C 8E89A46D-ADB2-426E-A77A-53F6E62FC96D

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