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How to use a Resolva Power Pump

Resolva Power Pump is the ideal product for large areas of weeds with ease. Its ready-to-use formulation means all you need to do is pump and go.

And with 5 minutes’ controllable spraying, Resolva Power Pump does all the hard work by offering a solution to the problem of tired hands when covering a lot of weeds at the same time.

It comes with a dual action nozzle (spray or jet) and an easy store wand and hose.

All Resolva products boast a unique formulation called Tri-Activ Technology, which delivers:

  1. Increased intake of the weedkiller
  2. Faster absorption of liquid by the weed
  3. Complete leaf coverage

Meaning it gets down to the root quickly, meaning fast results every time!

Power Pump is available in Resolva 24H only.

Step 1

Identify the area of weeds to be treated.

Make sure they are not close to any plants you want to keep, as the weedkiller will kill any green plant it contacts, even your flowers or grass! 

Step 2

Getting started

Choose a still, dry day when rain is not expected for at least 6 hours.

Cut the cable ties on the handle to release the pump.

Turn the handle clockwise to unlock.

Pump the handle for up to 20 times for over 5 minutes controllable spraying. 

Step 3


Lift the wand from its holder and release the hose.

Adjust the sprayer nozzle to get the required spray pattern (spray or jet).

Simply press the trigger to start spraying.

For continuous spray, simply push the trigger up until it locks into place.

Release the trigger again for manual control and for storage.

If you start to lose pressure, re-pump the handle and continue spraying.

Step 4


Replace the wand in its holder, with the trigger pointing upwards.

Turn the cap anti-clockwise to release the pressure and then retighten before storage.

Ensure the pump handle is pushed down and locked.

Step 5

Leave the weeds to die down completely before carefully removing with a trowel.

The effect of the weedkiller can be seen within just a few hours, however, take care not to use this on lawns, as it will kill your grass.

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