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Ground Control for Major Toms!

Do you grow tomatoes? If so, and you’re an avid reader of gardening books or magazines, you’ll be familiar with the instructions for feeding tomato plants. Phrases such as “Add a high-potash liquid tomato feed to the water every 10 days from the moment the first flowers set…blah…blah…blah” are commonplace.

Well, fewer and fewer of us these days have the time to worry about such pernickety things as counting the days between feeds. Watering, of course, is something that has to be done every day, so is regarded as routine; feeding, however, you have to remember to do. And, to get it right, as written down by the experts, you almost need to mark in your diary every time you do it, so you can count up to the next date for application! It’s all a hassle.

So, now for the good news: time-pressed and forgetful gardeners (that is, almost all of us) have a new product that will give tomato plants all the feed they need for a whole season – and it requires just the one action required by us at the start! Fantastic!

Gro-Sure Tomato Easy Feed Sticks are dry sticks that you just push into the soil or compost around the plant – two per plant, one each side. They are suitable for all ways of growing tomatoes, whether they are in pots, in grow-bags or in the greenhouse or garden soil.

Once the first truss of tomatoes has set, push the sticks in so that they are buried 2cm (just an inch or so under the surface), and about 12-15cm away from the stem.

The sticks contain high levels of potash, to keep plants flowering and fruiting. They also contain seaweed, magnesium and iron, to keep the plants healthy. And, as if this wasn’t enough, they also contain the all-important calcium, which helps to prevent the tomato fruits from getting the common problem of ‘blossom end rot’ (where the base of the fruit forms a black circular patch, rendering the fruit useless).

Give these new sticks a try for the first time this year. I’m pretty certain you’ll be a convert!

Final tip: Each pack of Gro-Sure Tomato Easy Feed Sticks contains 12 sticks – enough for six plants. However, if your taste for tomatoes extends to many more plants than six, you may prefer to use the high-potash liquid Gro-Sure Tomato Food. The good thing is – the choice is yours!


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