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Get ready for National Nest Box Week!

Get ready for National Nest Box Week!

Get ready for National Nest Box Week!

LEADING bird care brand Peckish is reminding households to provide young chicks with a safe home by putting up a nest box in their garden. 

National Nest Box Week (Feb 14-21) is a great time to buy and put up a nest box, ready for birds to move in during the forthcoming nesting season. The week is run by the British Trust for Ornithology (BTO) as a way for everyone to help address falling bird populations during recent years.

Peckish Nest Boxes are designed to BTO standards and are made from FSC 100% certified wood. This means you can guarantee they have been made with safety firmly in mind, such as ensuring entrance holes are the correct size and the wood is strong enough to deter predators.

A total of 3 different styles are available, including:

  • Blue Tit Nest Box – This powdered blue and white design features an entrance hole small enough to only allow access to Blue Tits. With easy to clean side openings and drainage holes to prevent a build-up of moisture.
  • Robin Nest Box – A white and green design with an open fronted entrance which is preferable to the Robin species, this nest box is made from the highest quality wood and includes drainage holes to prevent a build-up of moisture.

Peckish also produce Peckish Nesting & Young Bird Mix specifically for the nesting season. Packed with protein and our unique Calvita mineral and vitamin supplement, this wild bird seed mix helps adult birds reproduce and develop healthy eggs. It’s also great for building up the strength of young chicks.

Rachael Dickinson, Senior Marketing Manager for Peckish said: “This is a great time of year in which everyone can do their bit to help the next generation of wild birds survive. From watching programmes like BBC Springwatch, bird lovers now know that the first few months of a young chick’s life is critical to their survival.” 

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