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Best products to turn a yellow lawn green

Yellow lawns are a common problem, but with regular feeding, you can keep your lawn strong and healthy. Choose the best option for you and your lawn from the products below.

Westland Ultra Green

westland lawn ultra green 150m2 cut out
ultra green

What is it?

Lawn feed with iron and magnesium for deep greening action and moss prevention.

When do i use it?

Apply every 3-4 weeks from February to October when the grass is actively growing. For use on established lawns 3+ months old.

How do i use it?

Apply at a rate of 32g/m2 throughout the growing season. Apply by hand, or if your lawn is larger than 40m2, use a lawn spreader to apply evenly. Water after 48 hours if no rain falls.

What to expect

Your lawn will rapidly become greener and you’ll see results in as little as 3 days. Your lawn will also thicken which will outcompete moss, leaving you with a thick, healthy lawn.

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Westland Lawn Thickener Feed & Seed

westland lawn thickener 150sqm
westland lawn thickener

What is it?

Lawn Thickener Feed & Seed includes high quality lawn seed that will germinate within 2-3 weeks, filling sparse areas and patches with new lush, green grass. It will give you a greener lawn in just 7 days. Safe for use around children and pets.

When do I use it?

Apply from March to October when grass is actively growing.

How do I use it?

Apply at a rate of 32g/m2 every 4 weeks. Apply by hand, or for lawns larger than 40m2 use a lawn spreader. Keep well watered until grass reaches 3-5cm.

What to expect

You will start to see new grass in 2-3 weeks and a greener, healthier lawn in just 7 days.

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Hoping to turn a yellow lawn green and restore its lush, healthy appearance? Westland offers a range of products specifically designed to revitalise your lawn.

From feeds, thickeners, and greening products, we have everything you need to fix a yellow lawn and promote robust grass growth. Find the perfect solution tailored to your lawn’s unique needs and say goodbye to yellow patches and hello to a vibrant, green lawn that you can be proud of.