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Lettuce: How to grow

Lettuce: How to grow

There are many different types of lettuce and salad crops available for growing at home.

‘Cut ‘n’ come again’ seed varieties are ideal, as they provide a steady supply of leaves throughout the summer which can be picked as and when they are needed.

There are loose leaf varieties and each pack will contain an assortment of green and red lettuces.


Step 1

Lettuce: How to grow - Step 1

Sow seeds thinly and about just over a centimetre (half an inch) deep either in the ground of in Gro-Sure Fruit and Vegetable Planters or pots/containers.

Read the packet to find out when the variety you have bought should be sown. The majority of varieties should be sown between March and July, but this can be extended from February to October depending on the variety.

Step 2

Lettuce: How to grow - Step 2

Thin seedlings and keep slugs away using Eraza Slug and Snail Killer. This is important, as slugs love lettuce!

Feed with Westland Potato and Vegetable Feed.

Weed and water regularly.

Step 3

Lettuce: How to grow - Step 3

Harvest once a firm heart has developed at the centre of the lettuce.

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