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Mushrooms: How to grow

Mushrooms: How to grow

Mushrooms are easy to grow and very rewarding, particularly for children.

They can also be grown at any time of the year.

The easiest way to grow mushrooms is to get an Unwins Mushroom Kit, which contains everything you need to grow 3-4 harvests of fresh, tasty button mushrooms.

*Please note – Mushroom compost contains a white mould called Mycelium, which grows up through the casing peat. This is normal.

Step 1

Pour mushroom compost from the clear bag into the cardboard growing tray and spread evenly. Wear gloves when handling compost.

Use a mist sprayer to keep the surface of the compost moist.

Rest the lid on top of the growing tray.

Keep in a WARM place, about 20-25C (70-80F) and use a mist sprayer every day to keep the surface of the compost moist, but not too wet.

Step 2

After 10 days, open the white bag of casing peat, add a little water and knead the bag of peat. Wear gloves while doing this.

The peat should now be moist, but not soggy.

Remove the lid from the growing tray and empty the peat over the compost in an even layer. 

Step 3

After adding the peat to the compost, replace the lid and put the box in a COOL place, about 16-20C (60-70F) and allow the mushrooms to develop.

Check the box every two days and keep the contents moist by lightly spraying the surface evenly.

Step 4

Continue to check the box every other day, maintain moisture, close the lid and place the box back, ensuring a cool temperature is maintained.

A white mould (Mycelium) should start to appear. This is part of the mushroom growing process.

It is critical that you don’t allow your mushroom kit to dry out at this stage.

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