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Onions: How to grow

Onions: How to grow

Few cooks would disagree that the most useful vegetable in the kitchen are onions. What’s more, these are among the easiest to grow in your garden.

Experienced gardeners grow their onions from seed. This method gives them a greater choice of varieties and it’s also the most cost-effective. Unwins sell a wide choice of onion seed varieties.

Gardeners that want a fast and easy way to grow onions are better opting for onion sets. These are specially prepared, ready to plant baby onions that will mature into large, tasty onion globes by mid to late summer. This is the method we want to show you below:

Step 1

Onions: How to grow - Step 1

Choose an open and sunny site. Dig over the soil until it is crumbly and easy to work.

Dig in some Gro-Sure Vegetable Compost to improve the soil and add a dressing of Growmore to the soil.

Step 2

Onions: How to grow - Step 2

Gently push each mini onion bulb into the prepared soil until just the very tip is protruding.

Leave at least 10cm (4 inches) between each bulb to allow room for the onions to grow.

Plant in rows for convenience and leave at least 30cm (12 inches) between rows.

Step 3

Onions: How to grow - Step 3

Weed between the onions and keep the soil moist until they have established.

Onions are shallow rooted, so take care when weeding not damage them.

Step 4

Onions: How to grow - Step 4

In mid to late summer when the leaves have started to yellow and die off, place a fork under the swollen bulbs and lift them out so that the sun can ripen the base of the bulbs.

When the foliage has died off completely, string them up for winter use and store.

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