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Looking after your bird table

Looking after your bird table

Keep your bird table looking good by cleaning it regularly and spending a few minutes each month to check its structure.

Here are some vital steps for keeping a good cleaning routine:

  • Each time you provide food, make sure you brush off any existing food from the surface of the table
  • Try to prevent positioning your table on wet grass if it doesn't have rot resistent feet
  • Every year, do a deep clean with a mild disinfectant. Always rinse and air-dry before use
  • From time to time, check the screws and fittings to make sure they are tight and the table is secure
  • Always wear rubber gloves when cleaning as some diseases can affect humans too
  • Don't use cleaning brushes for any other purpose
  • Choose a bird table that has a flip top lid to make it easier to access and clean
  • Move tables occasionally to prevent a build up of nest dropping underneath
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