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Eraza your Spanish slug invasion this summer!

WESTLAND HORTICULTURE is urging gardeners to stock up on Eraza Slug and Snail Killer, as slug numbers are expected to soar this summer.

Experts predict that this will be the worst summer for slugs on record, as a second mild winter fails to control slug populations. As many as 200 slugs per cubic metre of garden could soon become commonplace in the UK and Ireland – including the prolific Spanish slug, which lays up to 400 eggs at a time!

With a number of press reports already informing gardeners about this outbreak, it is essential the right protection is in place. Eraza Slug and Snail Killer is theperfect solution to help combat this issue.

Eraza Slug and Snail Killer is a fast acting pelleted bait that is 5 times more effective than standard slug pellets, despite the fact that it uses 50% less active ingredient – metaldehyde. This is because it contains lots of smaller particles of the ingredient, making it easier for slugs and snails to consume. The pellets are showerproof, meaning you don’t need to worry about it raining and they even contain a special animal repellent.

The special scatter cap allows for more accurate dosing as well as doubling up as a safety feature to help protect wildlife.

Eraza is best applied to bare soil around flowers, vegetables and fruit and will offer protection to your crops immediately.

Amy Lawrence, Brand Manager for Eraza said: “Slug populations are rising fast, which means bad news for gardeners looking to protect their homegrown crops.

“Prevention is better than cure, so set out controls, such as Eraza Slug and Snail Killer before signs of plant damage are seen.”

*Eraza Slug and Snail Killer contains metaldehyde. Use pesticides safely. Always read the label and product information before use.

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