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Get ready to go totally tomatoes for Gro-Sure’s® latest offering!

GRO-SURE® is offering a new range of tomato products guaranteed to be ripe for success in 2015.

These new products from Gro-Sure® mean it’s never been easier for consumers to get a bumper crop, ensuring even first time growers can ‘simply grow more’.

Jayne Hall, Senior Brand Manager for Westland Horticulture, the company behind the Gro-Sure® brand said: “Tomatoes are the nation’s favourite grow your own crop with a 25% of UK households having a go each year.

“Ensure your consumers get an abundance of tasty tomatoes with the minimum of hassle by stocking our new range of tomato products.”

Gro-Sure® Tomato Gro-Pack Glee 2014 New Product of the Year winner. Ideal for consumers who want to ‘have a gro’ or those with a small patio or balcony, Gro-Sure® Tomato Gro-Packs are designed for one plant. The extra deep design promotes stronger roots, leading to an abundance of tomatoes, plus there’s 6 weeks feed to help guarantee growing success.

Gro-Sure® Tomato Easy Feed – Gro-Sure® Tomato Easy Feed contains easy to handle sticks, 2 per plant; just push 1 on opposite sides of each tomato plant to feed for the whole season. No measuring, no mess, no fuss. Enriched with seaweed, magnesium and calcium, Gro-Sure® Tomato Easy Feed does all the hard work, so consumers can go totally tomatoes all summer. This product is brought to you by Gro-Sure®, the brand which achieved a Which? Best Buy in 2014 for its Gro-Sure® Liquid Tomato Food.

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