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Look forward to a ‘vintage’ year in your garden!

Look forward to a ‘vintage’ year in your garden by looking out for the Westland logo when you pick your compost this spring.

Your garden’s best ever year is in the bag with Westland Horticulture compost! Westland is the only company that is so confident in the quality of its product, it has introduced a Compost Consistency Assurance standard.

Jayne Hall, Brand Manager for Growing Media at Westland Horticulture, said: “Like a fine wine, your garden requires the right conditions to achieve perfection. Compost plays a vital role in this and can make the difference between a garden that looks just nice, to a garden that is blooming, vibrant and full of life.

“From the traditional Westland composts, to the nutritious Gro-Sure range and the peat-rich Jack’s Magic, quite simply….your best ever year is in the bag!”

Westland started producing compost 25 years ago and is now at the top of its game when it comes to producing quality composts that are consistently good from bag to bag, month to month and store to store. It does this by owning the entire supply chain, from its peat bogs in Ireland to its patented West+ wood fibre ingredient, meaning you can achieve the best results in your garden all year round.

Jayne continued: “Regardless of where you buy or the time of year, you can be reassured that Westland compost will give you consistently good results.

“Don’t put your garden’s vintage year in jeopardy by settling for second best!”

View the complete Westland compost range.

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