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UK’s No.1 lawn seed to appear on TV!

The UK’s No.1 lawn seed* Gro-Sure® Smart Seed will appear on TV screens this spring as part of a brand campaign to show gardeners how to get great results.

Gro-Sure® Smart Seed is a revolutionary product guaranteed to grow in the toughest of lawn conditions – full sun, shade, worn areas and even bare patches. It will feature a woman kicking her lawn in desperation at its sparse and uneven appearance. After using Gro-Sure® Smart Seed she’s so happy with the results she’s lovingly stroking the grass!

Uniquely featuring an aqua-gel layer, Gro-Sure® Smart Seed is designed to hold 400 times its own weight in water, providing an insurance policy against tough conditions and under-watering. Plus, its advanced coating technology improves seedling establishment, increases germination success and acts as a bird deterrent.

A built-in seed applicator helps consumers spread the product evenly and a range of ‘how-to’ videos have been created to educate consumers:

Daniela Constantine, Brand Manager said: “Gro-Sure® Smart Seed has been No.1 since it was launched 2 years ago. It’s guaranteed to grow and is trusted by gardeners as it’s easy to use and gives a great finish.

“It will be part of our ongoing ‘Be Sure With Gro-Sure®’ TV campaign designed to show gardeners of all levels and abilities how they can get great results using products from the Gro-Sure® brand.”

Watch the TV advert on our YouTube channel.

*GfK Lawn Seed Hitlist, May 2016

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