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feel good sustainable gardening

Westland are all about feel good gardening – sustainable gardening that you can feel good about.

By getting hands on in the garden we can all do our bit to promote wildlife and also boost wellbeing. Westland continue to work hard to make our products and packaging greener and we always like to upcycle or recycle old garden products.

Why not try one of our practical and sustainable gardening upcycling ideas…

Compost Bags

1.  Use to collect leaves/weeds or garden rubbish

rubbish bag


2. Use as a home composter – add all your garden waste with a dash of Garotta to make the perfect home compost – the key for a sustainable garden

home composting


3. Why not turn your compost bag inside out and create some black coloured planters… you can even use them as a potato planter!

sustainable gardening


4. Turn old compost bags into weed control fabric. Simply cut the bag to create a flat film, poke in holes using a garden fork to allow water to infiltrate down.

sustainable gardening


5. Use as a liner for a hanging basket or planter, cut the bag to create a film, pole in holes and lay in the bottom of your basket or planter for excellent drainage.


Bird Fat Ball Tubs & Plant Feed Tubs

1.  Flower planters – use an empty fat ball tub as a flower planter around the home or garden. You could even decorate it or paint it to tie in with your garden decor. Make sure to create drainage holes at the bottom then fill with compost and plant up.

sustainable gardening

2.  Storage containers – use as storage tubs for the shed, kitchen or anywhere in your home. You could add some nice labels to the front to be super organised!

sustainable gardening

3. Water bowl for passing dogs – why not fill up with water and leave outside the front of your home for passing dogs to have a drink on their daily walk. Plus you might get the chance for some doggy love!

sustainable gardening

If you have any ideas on sustainable gardening or what to do with old garden products then we would love to hear from you!