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Traditional compost for keen gardeners!

Traditional compost for keen gardeners!

Traditional compost for keen gardeners!
A traditional range of compost has been launched to help gardeners achieve the results of their dreams.
The Westland Gardener’s Range has been developed following 2 years research in which keen gardeners were asked to describe their perfect growing media - a traditional nutrient-rich growing media of old.
Dympna Carron, Brand Manager for Westland said: “We’ve listened to gardeners like you, who have told us they want a core range of growing media, which is rich, dark and packed with nutrients. 
“We know you aren’t afraid to roll up their sleeves and get stuck in. That you recognise the complexity of gardening and are looking for a compost to rely on when Mother Nature deals you a blow.”
There will be 3 products in the range, all featuring a simple, yet attractive pack with the ‘approved by Westland, loved by gardeners’ stamp of approval. Each will be launched exclusively at garden centres in a 50L size, priced at £5.99 RRP:
  • Multi-Purpose Compost

Rich, peaty compost for all plants, vegetables, trees and shrubs. Perfect for all round use. Feeds for up to 8 weeks. Find out more.

  • Seed & Potting-On Mix

Rich, peaty compost for seedlings and young plants. Contains peat, West+, loam, vermiculite and horticultural sand. Plus contains organo-mineral fertiliser and added seaweed extract for young plants. Find out more.
  • Soil Conditioner

Rich, dark, open structure, which adds vital organic matter for all soil types. Improves soil fertility and productivity. Find out more.
Dympna added: “And because it’s a Westland compost you can guarantee it will be the same great quality, every bag, every time!”
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