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Twisty Tie & Cutter
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Use our Gardman Twisty Tie & Cutter to secure plants to supports without damaging them. A cutter is included for easy use as well as reducing unnecessary waste of the wire. To use simply cut the wire from the coil and twist to tie on.

The Twisty Tie & Cutter is great for a variety of uses around the home and garden. It is strong while remaining flexible. Therefore it will not damage stems, so they can still grow easily. The ties can be attached to wires or posts to support plants without damaging them and is ideal for delicate stems and branches.

  • Available in two different lengths
  • Made from rubber
  • Reusable

Sizes available

  • 30m
  • 100m

How to Use

  • The cutter attached allows you to safety cut the wire at the required length without the need of other accessories
  • The wire bends and twists to make it easy to tie the wire around objects
  • Use this twisty wire to support plants by tying round delicate stems without damaging them to help support growth
  • Also use for general garden tying tasks


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