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Its the season – the end of October is the time of Pumpkin spice everything, Halloween costumes, Trick or Treating, autumn leaves falling and spooky films in abundance. But this spooky time of year wouldn’t be complete without pumpkins! We have several ideas for what you can do with pumpkins below, whether you want to create delicious soups and pies, Jack O’Lanterns, or even feed the birds! And it all starts with planting your pumpkins ready for next year….


Plant pumpkin seeds

Why not try planting your pumpkin seeds from this year. It could mean carving and cooking your own homegrown pumpkins next Halloween!

As long as you have a spacious sunny area in your garden for them to grow, you should get some great results.

Tips for planting Pumpkin seeds

Pumpkins are simple to grow and the fruits store well in a cool dry conditions. Great for growing with kids and delicious roasted or used for making soups. They’re full of nutrients too; did you know pumpkin seeds are a super-food? This has made this easy to grow plant very popular with gardeners.

Read our step by step advice to learn more


How to carve a pumpkin

The first step carving the perfect jack-o’-lantern actually starts at the pumpkin patch, a supermarket, or if you’re really lucky – your garden!  Ensure you select a pumpkin that’s in its prime. Choose one with an intact stem—the greener the better.

Read our handy guide on how to carve a pumpkin along with a selection of printable stencils.

pumpkin carving


Pumpkin soup recipe

Just the thing to serve when the nights get cold and dark, and autumn is really starting to settle in.

This tasty soup can be whipped up quickly. With its velvety texture, it is also packed full of vitamin C, iron and zinc. Even more so if the pumpkin has just been picked from your garden! See our delicious recipe here

pumpkin soup


Feed the birds

Birds actually love all kinds of seeds, pumpkin included. Dry them out first by putting them in the oven at 180C/gas 4 for about ten minutes. You can help smaller birds by breaking them up a bit before you put them out. The BTO recommend  spreading the seeds out on a bird table or on the ground rather than using a feeder. Starlings, tits and some finches will enjoy them.

blue tit

Composting your pumpkin

Composting your leftovers is a great way to recycle your pumpkin. Break down the pumpkin and leave it outside for birds and other animals to pick at.

Once the animals have finished, you can then put the remainder into your compost bin. By next year it will have become be a rich fertiliser that will work wonders on your plants and flowers.


*Please don’t feed pumpkins to hedgehogs as it can upset their stomachs.*