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Homegrown Harvest Seed rolling hills article

Gardman Homegrown Harvest, packed full of the best ingredients and 100% locally sourced

For Britain’s beautiful garden birds, only the very best will do. Our Gardman Homegrown Harvest is a wholesome blend sourced 100% from British farms. The seed blend is packed with high quality ingredients, including suet, naked oats and black rapeseed. This carefully crafted food will help to keep bird populations thriving for generations to come.

homegrown harvest seed closeup It’s also more important than ever to continue to tackle environmental issues. In particular minimising the amount of miles our food travels. Reducing food miles is about reducing the distance food your food travels from the field to your plate and in this case to our garden bird tables.

Transporting food long distance can involve boats, airplanes and lorries, they all tend to use a lot of fuel and emit CO2 emissions. This contributes to global warming. Therefore, foods sourced in Britain help to reduce our carbon footprint.

Not only that, but this also importantly helps to support our local and regional farmers.  We are extremely proud that our seed is 100% sourced from local farms, and that even a massive 90% of our wheat is sourced from within a 30 mile radius of our factory. Homegrown Harvest Seed Mix logo

Blended with all the natural ingredients our British birds love, Gardman Homegrown Harvest blend will get birds to your table even quicker than ever before!


Want to know where our blend comes from?

We love to know where our food comes from, so why not find out where our garden birds’ food comes from…

homegrown harvest where food is fromGardman Homegrown Harvest Seed 1,8kg Box

Our homegrown harvest comes in two sizes 1.8kg box and a 12.75kg bag.

The box has an easy pour spout, and are made from FSC® sourced paper and cardboard. Furthermore, both packs are fully recyclable.


Homegrown Harvest Seed recyclable packagingGardman Homegrown Harvest Seed 12,75kg Bag


The seed is ideal placed on bird tables such as the Gardman Supreme Wilton Bird Table.  Take a look at our selection of bird tables available in garden centres.

Conservation Mix - Bird Table   homegrown harvest seed



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