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How to make a Christmas tree decoration

If you haven’t got space for the real (or faux!) thing, or simply want a smaller tree to run alongside the main event, our guide on how to make a Christmas tree decoration could be just the ticket. This decoration has a trendy, minimalist feel, making it perfect for window sills and dining tables. Simply add some battery-pack fairy lights, a few decorations and small baubles, and you’re well away! Watch the full video here, or follow our step-by-step guide below:


You will need…

6 large sticks

Potting grit

Plant pot

Hot glue gun


Step 1

Pick out the longest, straightest stick of the bunch and lay it down on the table. This will be the spine of the tree.


Step 2

Use the glue gun to attach the 5 remaining sticks (horizontally and evenly spaced) down the length of the spine. Leave to dry.


Step 3

Stand your tree in the pot. Shovel the grit in around the base, compressing down with your hand afterwards.


Position your Christmas tree and add some decorations!

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