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Jobs to do in Spring

When spring finally comes around after what may have seemed like a long winter, its finally time to get out into your garden and find out what jobs there are to do in spring. There are many enjoyable jobs that are now waiting for you to start your garden off for the season ahead. We have broken this down into early, mid and late spring jobs to help plan out your time.

Early Spring

Its a great time to prune your roses. Start by first removing any dead, diseased or dying branches. Then begin to thin out if you think it’s still overcrowded. Remove any crossing branches and cut back a few older stems to the base. You can then reduce the healthy main stems by about a quarter.  Use our Kent & Stowe Eversharp or SureCut Secateurs to ensure a safe and easy task. You may also require a pair of thorn resistant gloves.

how to deadhead roses

Tidy your borders by weeding them with a hoe. You can then add mulch with your compost or manure to give your beds a great start.

Start to sow hardy annuals outdoors as well as half hardy annuals in a propagator either in your greenhouse or on a windowsill.

Mid Spring

Make your first cut of the lawn by mowing on a reasonable setting. For the first mowing in spring, set your cutting height to the highest setting available. After the first cut you can then gradually reduce the height of cut until the desired height is reached.

Apply lawn feed and weed products such as Westland Safe Lawn. Safe Lawn is great because it’s a fertiliser made using only natural ingredients. There is no way to over feed your lawn with this product. It also helps to prevent weeds and moss.

Safelawn spreader for life on lawn

Mid spring is also a good time to plant new roses, trees, shrubs and perrenial flowers. Start to prick out your half hardy annual seedlings and pot them up.

Late Spring

  • Prune spring flowering shrubs after flowering
  • Clip back any box hedging with sharp and precise hedge shears such as our Kent & Stowe SureCut Hedge Shears
  • After the last frost it is a good time to now plant out flowers such as dahlias as well as bring out any tender shrubs

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