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Achieve a Wimbledon Inspired Lawn This Summer

If you’re looking to create a showstopping lawn to enjoy all through the summer season then why not create a Wimbledon inspired lawn? Find out how to transform your outdoor space into a vibrant and lush oasis reminiscent of the iconic grass courts.

Start with the right grass

To achieve that quintessential Wimbledon look, opt for fine-blade grass such as Gro-Sure Fine & Luxurious Lawn Seed. This grass seed is a blend of superior grass seed varieties to help you create a show-stopping lawn that will look and feel luxurious whilst maintaining its lush colour all season long.

gro sure fine & lux lawn seed 100m2 bag lifestyle

Soil Preparation

Before seeding or laying turf, ensure your soil is healthy and well-prepared. Loosen the topsoil using a rake and remove any weeds, stones, or debris. Incorporate compost to improve drainage and nutrient content.


Once your lawn is established, water it deeply but infrequently. Aim for a thorough watering once or twice a week, allowing the soil to dry out between sessions. Deep watering encourages deeper root growth and strengthens the grass, making it more resilient to wear and tear. In hotter weather, use a sprinkler like the Flopro Multiflo that comes with 4 spray settings, from a gentle waterflow to a more powerful flow depending on what you require to water in your garden.

Flopro Multi Flo 360° Sprinkler

Regular Mowing

Adopt the regular mowing schedule followed on the Wimbledon courts. Keep the grass maintained at a height of about 13-25mm (0.5 to 1″) during normal summer conditions. Remember to sharpen your mower blades regularly to ensure clean and precise cuts.

To create a stripey lawn, you need to mow the grass in a specific pattern to achieve the desired striped effect. Here’s how you can create a stripey lawn:

  1. Select a lawn mower: Choose a mower with a rear roller. Rear rollers flatten the grass in one direction, creating the stripe effect.

  2. Prepare the lawn: Ensure that the grass is healthy and at the appropriate height. Ideally, the grass should be around 5-8cm tall before you start mowing.

  3. Mow in a straight line: Start by mowing the perimeter of the lawn in a straight line. This will serve as the outer edge of your stripes.

  4. Plan your stripes: Decide on the direction of the stripes you want. You can create vertical stripes by mowing in straight lines parallel to the longest edge of your lawn. Alternatively, you can create horizontal stripes by mowing across the width of your lawn.

  5. Mow parallel lines: Starting at the edge of your lawn, mow parallel lines along the desired direction of the stripes. These lines should overlap slightly to ensure even coverage. As you mow, the rear roller will flatten the grass in one direction, creating the stripe effect.

  6. Alternate the direction: For a more defined striped effect, after mowing one set of parallel lines, turn the mower around and mow the next set of lines in the opposite direction. This will help accentuate the stripes.

  7. Care for your lawn: Maintain your lawn by watering, feeding, and regularly mowing it to keep the stripes looking fresh.

Remember, the stripe effect will be most noticeable when viewed from certain angles, so consider the positioning of your lawn in relation to your house or other viewing areas when planning your stripes.


Wimbledon courts are famous for their lush green color, which can be achieved by feeding your lawn with an appropriate lawn feed such as Westland SafeLawn. It is a fertiliser made using only natural ingredients and includes friendly bacteria to help break down dead moss, grass material, thatch and dead leaves into nutrients to help your lawn. SafeLawn’s nutrient package greens and thickens the lawn in just three days.



Daily Care

Just like the professionals, your lawn will benefit from daily care and attention. Remove any debris or leaves promptly and address any signs of weeds or pests as soon as they appear. A healthy lawn devoid of weeds and bare patches will lend a pristine Wimbledon-like feel to your outdoor space.

Protection & Caution

In order to preserve the aesthetic of your Wimbledon-inspired lawn, designate certain areas for foot traffic and avoid heavy activities that may cause excessive wear and tear. Limiting pet access and using pathways or stepping stones will help prevent damage to the grass.

By investing a little time and effort, you can create a stunning Wimbledon-inspired lawn that will impress your friends and family throughout the summer season.

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