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Top 10 Gardening Accessories

Here are our top 10 gardening accessories:

We have a wide range of Gardman gardening accessories to provide everything a gardener needs in their tool shed or greenhouse. Covering all solutions for general gardening tasks and problems. From wire to plant labels and plant rings, greenhouse clips to thermometers and soil testing. So we’ve pulled together our top 10 gardening accessories that we couldn’t live without!


Foldaway Garden Kneeler

The foldaway garden kneeler is a handy, dual function garden’s kneeler and seat. A perfect addition to your garden shed, folding away for easy storage. With an upright garden seat or a kneeler with arm rests, great for assisting with your gardening jobs for extra comfort.

Jute Twine









Jute twine is an essential for all gardeners. It has multiple uses around your home and garden. Ideal for plant support, tying stems. Twine is delicate therefore will not damage young plants. Jute twine is also ideal for home and floristry use typing up fruit, vegetables and flowers or for craft purposes.

General Purpose Wire

General purpose wire is great for tying, fixing, training and supporting. Ranging from light to heavy duty whether you require use for intricate tasks or more complex tasks. This wire is PVC coated to ensure long life in your garden.

Twisty Tie

The ultimate flexible garden tie for securing plants to support. Twisty tie easily twists and ties and is fully reusable. Secure plants safely as they grow, ensuring they keep upright with the best possible support.

Garden Rubbish Sacks

Garden tidy is required year after year. Gardman rubbish sacks are made with thicker micron to hold garden waste and clippings. A great essential for your garden shed for easy collection and disposal of garden waste.

Galvanised Wire

Galvanised wire is rust resistant and long lasting. As this wire is strong, it makes great use for fencing in your garden with screw-in vine eyes. It also makes a good plant support for bigger plants as well as saplings.

Rot Resistant Twine

This twine is perfect for tying and training plants as they grow. with the benefit of it lasting in all weather conditions throughout the year. It is a soft twine however also strong!

pH & Moisture Meter

Testing the pH levels in your soil is essential before planting new plants. You must establish the soil type before hand. The Gardman pH & Moisture Meter provides the vital information needed with easy readings for not only the pH level but also the moisture levels. This information allows you to custom treat the soil to the crop.


Easy Picker

Finally, the  Easy Picker is a great tool recommended for everyone. Great for picking up leaves, rubbish as well as fallen fruit. An easy to use tool that reduces back breaking work.

We hope you’ve found some useful items in our top 10 gardening accessories.

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