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Improve Germination with Gro-Sure Seed Start

Gro-Sure Seed Start has been formulated to make sowing from seed more successful well as combating common issues causing poor success when germinating seeds.

Why Gro-Sure Seed Start is the best choice

  • Contains 4 unique ingredients:
    • Vermiculite – to boost root growth
    • Wetting Agent – to keep moisture in
    • Natural Mineral – to lock in nutrients
    • Mycorrhiza and Bacteria – to assist root development
  • Has a higher number of uses across the plant life cycle. Use Seed Start with Seeds, Plug Plants, Young Plants, Trees and Shrubs
  • Other brands can only be used with trees, shrubs and roses. They also have only 2 of the ingredients that Seed Start has

A plant treated with Seed Start can take up more water and nutrients quicker due to the larger root system.  Therefore, this allows the plant scope for extra growth, which in turn improves root growth and benefits the whole plant.  Due to the larger root section, the plant can draw water from a larger area, this means in times of drought the plant will be more resilient.

Bigger roots = healthier, bigger plants = higher yield and abundant blooms

Key Benefits of Gro-Sure Seed Start

  • Improves germination and establishment
  • Includes Mycorrhizal fungi & friendly bacteria for better disease resistance
  • Boosts root growth
  • Locks in nutrients
  • Controls moisture
  • Seeds and young plants treated with Seed Start will establish quickly
  • The establishing plants are more resistant to drought and disease giving more flowers and bumper harvest
  • Can be used all year round


How to Use Gro-Sure Seed Start

Indoor Sowing

  • Prepare a standard sized seed tray by filling with seed & cutting compost
  • Sprinkle 2 level scoops across the surface of the seed tray and lightly work into the surface of the compost
  • Sow seeds as per their packet instructions


Outdoor Sowing

  • Prepare your seedbed to a fine but firm, crumbly texture and remove any stones or weeds
  • Use a cane to make a shallow drill and sprinkle Seed Start into the base of the drill, 1 scoop will treat approx. 30cm
  • Sow seeds as per their packet instructions


For young plants

  • Sprinkle evenly into the planting hole. Place roots of the plant in direct contact with the granules
  • Small plug/bedding plants use half a scoop, large bedding plants use 1 scoop


For trees, shrubs & roses

  • Sprinkle evenly into the planting hole. Place root of the plant in direct contact with the granules


The Technical Bit

  • Seeds must be constantly moist to soften the seed shell for germination to take place. Seeds must be moist, rather than wet. Insufficient moisture or erratic watering slows down or stops the germination process. With our added wetting agent which locks in moisture around the seed germination is improved
  • Clinoptiloite was added a natural zeolite or volcanic rock dust which contains an array of basic nutrients and its crystalline structure grabs of hold of other available nutrients in the soil stopping them being leached away. These nutrients are available to the root system of the plant whilst its structure also aerates the soil
  • Vermiculite in the mix opens up the growing medium so young roots can permeate more easily. Holding a considerable amount of moisture like a sponge it can also act as blanket to help keep seedlings warm and is particularly good for lightly covering sown seedlings
  • Fortified with beneficial mycorrhizal fungi which attach to the developing plants roots and in exchange for some plant sugars they quickly multiply forming their own extensive root supply which absorbs nutrients and water and feed back to their host plant. The plants absorptive root system is increased greatly and the plant is able to grow faster and stronger
  • Our blend of naturally occurring ‘friendly’ soil bacteria’s including trichoderma and bacillus colonise the root system. As each pack contains millions of friendly bacteria they out-compete harmful soil pathogens within the soil which cause plant diseases whilst also releasing locked up nutrients within the soil for the plants roots to uptake

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