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How to Prick out Seedlings

When your seedlings have two or more sets of leaves and are large enough to handle, it’s time to give them more room. This is known as ‘pricking out.’

Step 1

Water the seedlings an hour or so before pricking out to make the roots easier to separate.

Always handle seedlings by a leaf, never by the fragile stem that is so easily damaged.

Gently tease the seedlings from the compost with a dibber or the end of a pencil.

Get ready for replanting them by filling up small individual modules or flowerpots (4 or 5 seeds to each one) filled with Gro-Sure Seed & Cutting Compost.

Step 2

Make a small hole in the compost surface with a dibber and drop the roots into the hole, gently firming the compost with your fingers.

Water them gently with a fine nozzle, using water than has been allowed to warm up to room temperature.

Place the seedlings in a light, frost-free place to grow on.

Once the seeds are pricked out, it’s a good idea to read our how-to pot up seedlings guide.

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