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How to grow flowers in planting soil

Bring your beds and borders to life, filled with beautiful blooms using our new Westland Planting Soil for Flowers. This planting soil is a blended ready to use soil and can be used used in containers, pots, flower beds and borders. It has the optimum balance of sand, silt and clay which creates a more open free draining soil that is easier to re-wet and retains nutrients. Rich in clay loam, organic matter and with active bio-life to support life in the soil to create the best foundations for strong healthy plants and vibrant flowers.

westland bio life planting soil for flowers

What is active bio-life?

Soil is not just soil. It is as alive as your plants; bustling and thriving with organic life. This organic life works 24/7 creating a healthy soil to grow healthy flowers. Active bio-life is a naturally rich form of organic matter, full of beneficial organisms that nourishes and supports the soils bio-life. It supports the plant’s natural defences and helps release locked up nutrients such as potash for more vibrant blooms. Resulting in healthier soil all round, the best possible soil for your flowers.

How to grow flowers in planting soil:

Planting up your flower beds:

1.Spread 3 inches of planting soil across the existing soil (native) in your border

flower soil

2.Mix through the top 6-8 inches of native soil and level off

veg soil

3.Dig a hole approx. twice the depth and diameter of the root ball

planting soil for flowers

4.Place plant in planting hole. Fill gaps with more soil, firm in and water

planting soil for flowers

Planting up your containers:

1.Choose a container with drainage holes and fill it with planting soil

planting soil for flowers

2.Thoroughly water the plants, gently tap the pot to remove, shake off lose compost

planting soil for flowers

3.Place upright plants in the middle and trailing plants around the edge

planting soil for flowers

4.Fill the gaps with more soil, firm down and water

planting soil for flowers

For even better results:

organic seaweed plant growth stimulant

Keep your flowers in bloom throughout the season using our Westland Specialist Seaweed Liquid Feed. This feed is rich in nutrients and antioxidants, aimed to increase flowering whilst helping reduce plant stress.




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