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What is Active Bio-Life?

Active Bio-Life is the biological component of our Westland Planting Soil for flowers and vegetables. Our soil isn’t just soil, it’s as alive as your plants, bustling and thriving with organic life. You might be surprised to learn there are more living things in one teaspoon of soil than there are people on the planet. One gram of soil can contain several billion bacteria from thousands of different species.  Active Bio-Life works 24/7 create a healthy environment for plants.


How Active Bio-Life works

Active Bio-Life supports plant health in several ways. Firstly, it supports natural defences within the plant, as it’s rich in nourishing organic matter. Next, it helps release locked up nutrients for plants to take up, such as potash for vibrant blooms and phosphorous for vegetable growth. Finally, it releases millions of beneficial organisms which supports the soil’s bio-life. This results in healthier soil all round and the best foundations for strong, healthy plants.

Active bio-life diagram


Active Bio-Life’s composition

Biological: Bio-Life provides food for beneficial micro-organisms.

Chemical: It increases the ability to retain nutrients. Plus, it buffers the soil environment, stabilising against heat and cold extremes and pH fluctuations.

Physical: The component builds a better soil structure. Therefore, this helps soil wetting, improves water penetration and water retention. Finally, it helps clay become more friable and adds structure to sandy soils.

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