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Why use Bio-Life Soil Improver?

Westland Soil Improver is an enriched blend of manures and bark to replenish your garden soil back to vitality. Soil Improver does this through improving the soil structure, fertility as well as the drainage. With active bio-life to support life in the soil, it helps create the best foundations for strong, healthy plants, vibrant blooms and quality fruit and vegetables.

Westland Bio-Life Planting Soil Improver

What is Active Bio-Life?

Active bio-life supports the life in the soil. It is a naturally rich form of organic matter. Bio-Life is full of beneficial organisms that nourishes and supports the soils bio-life. Resulting in a healthier soil all round and the best foundations for strong, healthy plants.

Active Bio-Life…

  • improves the structure in clay and sandy soils
  • is rich in nourishing organic matter
  • creates and restores depleted nutrients

The Best Foundations

Soil Improver works naturally in three ways to create the best foundations for growth:

soil improver

How do you use Soil Improver?

Improving soil structure / soil fertility

Spread a thick layer 3-4 cm deep over the soil surface.

soil improver how to use

Using a fork work into the top 15-20 cm of the soil surface.

soil improver how to use

When dug into clay (heavy) soils it will create a much more open structure and improve drainage. For sandy soils it will improve soil structure.


Mulching Beds & Borders

Apply a thick layer 3-4cm deep over soil surface.

how to use

Spread evenly around the existing plants.

how to use


Planting Out Roses, Trees or Shrubs

Dig a hole approx. twice the depth and diameter of the root ball.

soil improver how to use

Mix 1 part manure with 5 parts soil. Add this new mix back into planting hole.

soil improver how to use

Place plant in planting hole.

soil improver how to use

Fill gaps with new compost, firm down and water.

how to use


Use Westland Soil Improver with all soil types, flowers, tree & shrubs, fruit and vegetable plots.

Not suitable for use with ericaceous plants.



Keep the flowers blooming throughout the season with Westland Seaweed Liquid Feed. Rich in essential nutrients and antioxidants, this natural bio-stimulant increases flowering whilst helping to reduce plant stress.

Westland Organic Seaweed Liquid Plant Growth Stimulant

View our Bio-Life range here.
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