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How to dispose of garden weeds

Weeds can spread really easily and certain types of weed can be extremely aggressive.

This means that it’s vitally important that you dispose of them correctly or you could be easily develop a weed problem.

As a homeowner, you also have certain responsibilities for ensuring that you deal with invasive weeds in your garden, such as Japanese Knotweed and that you don’t dispose of these irresponsibly. It’s a good idea to be able to recognise these weeds easily so that you can spot them and treat them differently from normal weeds. Find out more about your legal responsibilities regarding invasive weeds on the Government’s website

Here’s our guide to disposing weeds safely:



  • Burn weeds if possible to prevent them from re-hydrating and rooting in the garden.
  • Leave weeds in the sun to dry before disposing of them
  • Dispose of annual weeds carefully by adding them to your green waste bin.
  • Contact your local council if you think you have an invasive weed in your garden.



  • Throw weeds over your fence or boundary
  • Compost perennial weeds or seedling weeds.



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