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Non-chemical Weed Solution

Gardening is all about improving our own local environment, and many of us are increasingly concerned about the potential impact of the use of chemicals in the garden. Consequently we have developed a non-chemical weed solution to use across your outdoor space.

While all garden chemicals such as weedkiller are tested and certified before sale, its good to know that there are alternative methods available for dealing with weeds in your garden.

At Gardman we have led the way in promoting non chemical weed control through the use of landscaping weed control fabric. But how does it work ? How do you use it ? and which one is right for you ?

How does Weedstop work ?

Fundamentally, the fabric does two things. First, it blocks the light and this in many cases can prevent the weed seed successfully germinating in the first place. Secondly it provides a physical barrier to the weed, and stops it from growing and establishing.


Example of how our WeedstopPerformance works

weedstop performance how it works - Non-chemical Weed Solution

How do you use Weedstop ?

  • Measure the area you want to protect, and choose the correct size Weedstop™ roll. Or simply visit your garden centre and buy exactly the right amount from the bulk roll dispenser.
  • Clear large established weeds and sharp stones from the area
  • Lay out your plants on top of the soil and dig holes in the positions for your plants
  • Lay out the Weedstop fabric and peg into place with fabric pegs
  • Cut any excess with sharp kitchen scissors
  • Then cut a cross shape in the locations where you have dug the holes
  • Fold the material back
  • Plant as normal
  • Cover the fabric with Westland Weedstop Ground Cover

Find out which Weedstop fabric is right for you

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