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Birds: Breeding season advice

Birds: Breeding season advice

Watching the birds in your garden raise their young can bring great joy and really signals the start of spring!

There's lots you can do to make your garden welcoming to breeding birds, including putting up a nest box, making sure that there are plenty of materials that they can use to build a nest and supplying a plenty amount of food.

Here are our top tips for attracting breeding birds to your garden and keeping them safe throughout the season:

  • Position a nest box on a tree or post in the autumn, well away from predators
  • Don't cut hedges, shrubs or trees between March and June as this is when nests will be most vulnerable
  • Provide a plenty supply of nest-making materials from February onwards, such as leaves, moss, hair, pet fur and small twigs and sticks
  • Feed birds on a daily basis, with foods that are suitable for nesting and young birds. Our Peckish Nesting and Young Bird seed mix is perfect as it contains Calvita, a vitamin and mineral supplement high in Calcium to encourage strong egg shells, bones and beaks. 
  • Resist the urge to take a peak at the eggs, watch from a distance to keep birds relaxed, happy and healthy
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