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The Bee and Bug House gives insects a home and safe place to stay and is specifically useful during the winter months

  • Hand crafted from FSC certified timber
  • Top chamber is filled with pine cones to provide shelter to bugs and other insects
  • Middle chamber provides a haven for a variety of insects such as ladybirds
  • Bottom 2 chambers encourage solitary bees to nest in the tubes
  • Where to Site
  • Tips & Advice

Where to Site

  • Place on houses, fences or on the ground against something for support (avoid trees and high places)

Frequently Asked Questions

Q. How do I know which insects are beneficial in my garden?

A. We recommend first trying to identify the insect to determine whether it is a pest. Some insect larval stages such as lacewing are voracious predators of aphids but look different in the adult stage.

Q. Where is the best place to put my insect house?

A. Set up your insect house in a sheltered area of the garden away from prevailing wind. Some insects like solitary bees will prefer a sunny aspect and some insects will prefer it quite damp – be mindful that no insect will want to rest in a house that lets in water.

Preferable sites would be near existing insect activity such as a hedge, herbaceous border, flower display or near a pond.

Q. Why are insect houses a good idea?

A. Insect houses provide shelter for beneficial insects and are really easy to place into your garden with the minimum of fuss and hardly any maintenance.

For any other questions or advice please contact our Technical Advice line on: 01480 443789 (Mon-Fri 9am-5pm) or email customerservice@westlandhorticulture.com

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