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gro-sure visiroot heated propagator
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The Gro-Sure Electric Heated Propagation Mat is a flexible mat that provides even heat distribution to seedlings, flowers, fruits and also vegetables. This creates a warm growing environment to boost seed germination giving you an increased success rate. Use it with any combination of pots and trays so you can grow multiple seed varieties at the same time. The 17.5W heat element will increase the ambient temperature by 5-15°C.

Sizes available

  • Size: - 50cm x 25cm

How to use

  1. This heat mat is for household/indoor use only.
  2. Remove heat mat from plastic bag and dispose of it properly.
  3. Place your heat mat away from water and keep out of direct sunlight.
  4. Place near electrical outlet.
  5. Water your seed trays before you place on the heat mat.
  6. Follow the instructions on seed packets for specific growing instructions.
  7. The heat mat will start to operate when the device is plugged in.



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