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How to dispose of garden chemicals safely

How to dispose of garden chemicals safely

Most gardeners at some point or another need to dispose of a half-empty bottle of weedkiller, or several empty containers that have been used for storing weedkiller. 

Here's a few guidelines on how to do so safely:

  • Never dispose of unwanted product in drains, sinks, lavatories, watercourses or ditches
  • If you do have unwanted garden care chemicals, you will need to dispose of them through the local waste authority. To find your nearest household waste site where garden care chemicals can be disposed of, click this link
  • Empty ready to use containers, these can now be placed in household recycling.
  • Empty concentrated containers (ie requiring dilution for use)should be rinsed three times, adding the washings to your final spray solution and then disposed of in general household waste. Containers that have held concentrated product are NOT suitable for recycling.

This information comes from The Crop Protection Asscociation's Common Sense Gardening group.



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