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January gardening

January gardening

It’s time to start planning your dream garden! Curl up by the fire with some gardening books and magazines and start thinking about what you want your garden to look like this year. Use a garden design app, Pinterest or grab some graph paper and sketch out any structural changes. Make a note of your favourite colour themes and growing guides and any fruit/veg/flower varieties that fit in with these. 

Flower Borders

Now is a great time of year to plant and establish bare root roses, giving height and colour to garden borders. Start planning colour combinations and themes for borders. Take time to think about the flowers and plants you like. Don’t forget to include shrubs for balance.

TOP TIP – Use a compost which is specifically designed for seed sowing like Gro-Sure Seed and Cutting Compost

A bag of gro sure seed and cutting compost.

Fruit & Vegetables

Now is a great time to prune Apple and Pear trees to encourage them to produce lots of fruit later on in the year. Plan which fruit and vegetables you will be growing this year. Chilli seeds can be sown in January indoors.

TOP TIP – Make sure you have a sharp pair of secateurs to make the job easier. Kent and Stowe do a great range

A pair of secateurs made by kent and stowe.

Garden Birds

Garden birds can lose as much 10% of their body weight overnight during really cold conditions! Get into the habit of feeding birds every day with a good quality bird feed to keep them warm. It’s also a good idea to provide fresh drinking water each day as ponds can freeze over at this time of year.

TOP TIP - Keep feeders topped up and make sure you are using a high calorie feed, like Peckish Complete Energy Balls.

A box of peckish complete energy balls.


  1. Take your Christmas tree outside. Contact your council to find out how to recycle it
  2. Plan out this years garden
  3. Buy vegetable and flower seeds

  4. Sow chilli seeds indoors
  5. Keep garden birds warm with high energy bird food

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