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Westland Houseplant Mist & Leaf Shine is the ultimate solution for plants. It contains essential nutrients and a natural plant resistance elicitor, thus giving your plants lush, green, shiny and hydrated leaves. As well as improving the look and health of your plant, it also naturally helps protects plants from pests and diseases. The mist action creates the perfect microclimate for your indoor jungle.

  • Optimises healthy plant growth and keeps leaves fresh and hydrated
  • Helps boost plant immunity and helps protects against pests and disease
  • Mist action creates an ideal microclimate for plants to thrive
  • Westland Houseplant Mist & Leaf Shine is suitable for ornamental and edible indoor plants

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Sizes available

  • 250ml
  • Product Details
  • How to Use
  • Tips & Advice

Why Use

  • Lush, green, shiny and hydrated leaves
  • Boosts the health of your plants and helps protect them from pests and diseases
  • Mist action creates the perfect microclimate for your indoor jungle

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How to Use

  1. Give your plant a light dust with a soft cloth
  2. Shake the bottle well and hold approx. 15cm away and mist your plant, sprayer the upper surface of the leaves
  3. Wait a few seconds then dry with a soft cloth, to reveal the shine
  4. Use me every two weeks when your plant is actively growing


Tips for Better Results

  • Most houseplants like a humid environment. Help develop a humid microclimate around your plants by misting all over weekly, especially when the air is dry in the summer or when the central heating is on.
  • Try not to spray plants when they are in hot, direct sunlight as this may result in scorched leaves.

General Advice

  • Store out of direct sunlight and at a temperature between 5-40C
  • Avoid contact with skin and eyes. In case of contact with eyes, rinse immediately with clean water
  • Wash hands after use
  • Store out of reach of children, animals and wildlife

For any questions or advice, please contact our technical advice line on 01480 443789 (Mon-Fri 10am-4pm) or email [email protected]

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