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It’s easy to grow tomatoes with Gro-Sure!

Get juicier, tastier tomatoes the easy way with Gro-Sure’s range of tomato products.
Tomatoes are the nation’s favourite ‘grow your own’ crop, but too many gardeners are left disappointed as they are not sure how to harvest a plentiful supply of big, juicy tomatoes.
With Gro-Sure’s range of tomato seeds, feeds and compost, all growers can be sure to get results. The range includes:

Gro-Sure® Sow Smart™

Offers a unique and fool-proof way to grow tomatoes from seed. Each Sow Smart™ pack contains 6 gro-plugs. Each gro-plug is ready sown with a specially selected tomato seed and then surrounded by a patented compost formulation. The unique packaging also doubles as its own mini-gro system, making it the easiest way to grow your own tomatoes.

Gro-Sure Tomato Planter

This Gro-Sure Tomato Planter has enough space for all 6 of the Gro-Sure Sow Smart gro-plugs (above) when they are ready to be planted out. Contains a unique moisture retention formula, which takes the worry out of watering! Also feeds for 6 weeks.

Gro-Sure Tomato Food

Gro-Sure Tomato Food – Packed with nutrients, extra potash, magnesium and seaweed. Simple to dose and use.

Jo Wilkinson, Senior Marketing Manager for Gro-Sure said: “If you’re not sure, choose Gro-Sure tomato products to make sure the time and effort you put in this year will deliver punnets of tasty tomatoes for all your summer dishes!
“Gro-Sure’s range of tomato products are jam packed full of the latest technology, plus we’ve got additional online support to help you tick off each step of the journey.”
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