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Deadfast Mouse Bait Station (Twin Pack)

Deadfast Mouse Bait Station helps secure and cover rodenticide baits to protect children & pets from unintended contact. The station has a discreet design and includes a key to re-use

  • Required by law when home baiting
  • Works with all baits types
  • Rodenticide baits are safely secured inside
  • Angular design allows to fit in corners
  • Includes key to secure baits
  • For use indoors

Instructions for use

Before using the bait station, make sure to read the full label information of the rodenticide baits to be used with this product.

Place the bait station where you have seen activity of mice. Store the key in a safe place, away from the bait station.

We recommend using this station with Deadfast Rat & Mouse Killer Plus Sachet or Block Baits.

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