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Gro-Sure Rose & Shrub Food

Gro-Sure Rose & Shrub Food contains fast-acting granules for an instant boost, plus slow-release granules with extra potash for long lasting colour, scent and bigger blooms.

  • Feeds for 6 months
  • Fast acting granules for instant boost
  • Slow release granules to keep on feeding
  • High potash bloom boosting formula
  • NPK 13 - 7 - 18.5
  • Size 1.1kg jar

Why Use Gro-Sure® Rose & Shrub Food?

• Fast acting nutrients giving roses a great start

• Slow release nutrients for 6 months feeding

• Ideal for all types of roses in open ground or containers

Further information

Always re-seal after use. Do not exceed the stated application rate. Increasing the dosage may damage your plants. Store in a safe, dry place, away from children, animals and feedstuffs. Wash hands after use.

How to use

Pre-mix with compost before planting or sprinkle over the surface of compost/soil.

Where to use Amount

New roses

25-50g* per plant depending on size

Established roses/Shrubs/Fruit trees

Up to 75g per plant depending on size
Container roses 25g

*One handful of granules is about 40g.

Water in to activate granules, only one application per year will be necessary. Keep granules off plant stems, foliage and flowers.

    Very Bad

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