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Growing Success Termin8 Ant Killer

  • Made from a natural mineral which can be used on lawns
  • Works through contact action and is pesticide free
  • Can be used in areas frequented by children, pets and other wildlife
  • Size: 200G
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Growing Success Termin8 Ant and Crawling Insect Killer is a natural insecticide which works by desiccating insects. It kills ants and crawling insects including ants in nests, caterpillars,
centipedes, earwigs, fleas, cockroaches, potato beetle, mites and silverfish.

How to use

Apply only in dry conditions into cracks, crevices and areas where crawling insects run or hide. With the container pointing downwards, apply as a fine dust onto surfaces at a rate of 15g per square metre.

Ants nests

Open up the nest and dust onto dry soil in the nest. Allow two days to destroy the ants. If rain or heavy damp conditions are present, re-apply in dry conditions.

Indoor use

Treat open spaces, under skirting boards, under sinks, below ovens and fridges.


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