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Resolva Weedkiller

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Resolva is a range of fast-acting weed killers that help put you in control of your garden. Paths, patios, lawns...wherever those persistent little blighters pop up there is a way to resolve your weed problem - quickly, simply and in a way that'll last. That's why Resolva really is the total weed control solution.

*Resolva 24H and Path & Patio contains diquat glyphosate. Resolva Pro contains glyphosate.  Resolva Xtra Tough contains glyphosate. Resolva Lawn Weedkiller Extra contains mecoprop-P and dicamba. Resolva Bug Killer contains lambda-cyhalothrin. Use plant protection products safely. Always read the label and product information before use.

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Garden Advice

How to kill weeds in your lawn

Never use a regular weedkiller on your lawn. Sure it will kill your weeds, but it will also kill your grass, leaving you with bare patches! 

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Different types of weed

There are three main types of weed; annual, perennial and tough weeds. 

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How to kill weeds on your path or patio

Sometimes weeds get into awkward spots where it's hard to get them, such as in between paving and on gravel areas. 

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How to dispose of garden weeds

Weeds can spread really easily and certain types of weed can be extrememly aggressive. 

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