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How to Kill Weeds on Your Path or Patio

Unwelcome Weeds

Is there anything more frustrating than a having your beautiful and tidy gardens appearance ruined by pesky weeds finding their way up through the cracks between paving.

This can make the area look a little unsightly, and even slippery when there has been rainfall. Algae and Moss can also build up in these areas and can be treated with specific products such as Resolva Moss Killer  or Resolva Xtra Clean for removal of algae and green mould.


Weeds such as annual meadow grass, creeping butter cup and dandelions may have blown seed and get into awkward spots where it’s hard to get them, such as in between your paving and on gravel areas. If you don’t get all of the root, it will simply grow back in just a few weeks.

For these troublesome weeds use, Resolva Path and Patio Weedkiller which is specially formulated for those hard to reach spots. It gets right down the root, killing the weed quickly and permanently. It will not leave any nasty residues and does not stain!

Resolva Path & Patio is available in a Spray Trigger for smaller areas and a Power Pump version to treat larger areas.

Treatment should always be directed as a narrow spray to treat only the cracks and not the entire paved areas.

When to Use

For effective results use between April and September


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