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How to Grow Snowdrops

Snowdrops are always a welcome sight as they signal that spring is finally on the way. Get this visual uplift in your garden really easily with these easy to grow bulbs, which will keep flowering and flowering with little effort for many years.

Plant bulbs as soon as you buy them, about twice their height in the soil. Make sure you use a specially formulated compost, like Westland Bulb Potting & Planting Mix  to keep them moist, as snowdrop bulbs are prone to drying out over the summer months.

westland bulb planting compost in use

As Snowdrops are smaller sized bulbs, it can also be worth investing in a Small Hand Bulb Planter to easily making lots of uniform planting holes quickly and easily.

More advice:

  • Planting bulbs in containers – Choose a pot with drainage holes, and place crocks in the bottom before adding a good bulb compost.  This has the correct texture and nutrients for growing bulbs.  Push bulbs down into the compost(around 3cm deep)and check watering frequently.  The drainage holes will allow excess rainwater to drain out without rotting the bulbs.
  • Planting bulbs in borders – Gently push bulbs down into the soil in September and leave to grow.  Allow foliage to die back naturally to allow carbohydrate stores to build up in the bulb for food during dormancy


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